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Forum - KR: Guild Battle and Homestead update

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Translated from this post. Disclaimer: I don't know Korean but Google Translate works really well for Korean -> Japanese so I did that then translated it.

The message

Hello, This is Mabinogi.

Nov. 23rd, 2017 (Thursday) The contents of changes in the next patch are as follows.

The Guild Battle system is being revised.

  • The existing Guild Battle is being removed, and a new Guild Battle (the Guardian Guild Selection) in which a representative guild is chosen to protect a village on the Uladh continent will be added.
    • The protected vilages: Tir Chonaill, Dunbarton
    • The NPC in charge of selecting the representative guild: Duncan (Tir Chonaill), Eavan (Dunbarton)

The Guardian Guild Selection application process

  • Between Monday and Friday, a Guild Master can apply at one of the NPCs in charge of selecting the representative guild.
    • You can only submit one application per day, thus you cannot submit application for multiple cities during the same period.
  • In order to apply you need Guild Funds (gold) and Guild Points (GP), the more people there are that want to participate the more Guild Funds are needed.
    • For the first Guardian Guild Selection after the update, only the Guild Points are necessary for application and the Guild Funds are not required.
  • The maximum number of participants within a single guild is 20 people. The maximum number of participants within a single Guardian Guild Selection battle is 200 people.
  • For the existing Guardian Guild, even if they do not apply, they are allowed to participate in the next selection battle.

Changing the number of participants or cancelling participation in the Guardian Guild Selection

  • During the application period a Guild Master may speak with the selection NPC in order to change or cancel their application.
  • One may increase the number of participants for your guild, but there will be an additional fee (in Guild Funds) proportional to the change.
    • For the first Guardian Guild Selection after the update, there will be no funds required for changing the number of participants.
  • The number of participants can only be changed once per day and cannot be changed on the same day as when you applied.
  • When canceling an application the Guild Funds and Guild Points spent on fees will not be returned.

Creation of a party for the Guardian Guild Selection and entering it into the battle (from 7 PM to 7:08 PM)

  • Each Guardian Guild Selection will begin in the respective village at the specified time.
    • Tir Chonaill (Saturday from 7 PM to 7:08 PM), Dunbarton (Sunday from 7 PM to 7:08 PM)
  • The registered guilds can press the Guardian Guild Selection button at the selection NPC in the registered village in order to create a guild party.
    • Only guild members may join a guild party that's participating in the selection battle.
    • Any participating guild member can create the party but there may only be one party per guild.
    • Guild members only have a few minutes to select members of the party during the selection period.
    • The current Guardian Guild can make a party of up to 20 people.
  • After making a guild party, talking to the selection NPC with the Guardian Guild Selection button the entire party will be moved to the exclusive selection battle channel and location.
  • After moving to the channel and the reconstructed Sen Mag Plains, you will be placed in the center, and you can speak with the selection NPC to enter the battle.
  • After 7:08 PM entrance is impossible.
    • If a guild applied and did not enter in time, the fees will not be refunded.
  • In the exclusive channel, the members of the party may not be changed and members may not leave the party.
  • The current Guardian Guild must wait until after the selection preliminary to enter. Please wait a bit while the selection preliminary is underway.
    • If the current Guardian Guild speaks with the selection NPC during the preliminary it will move them to the exclusive channel and the meeting location.

The Guardian Guild selection preliminary (from 7:10 PM to 7:25 PM)

  • At 7:10 PM the preliminary will automatically begin.
  • All participating guilds must battle invading monsters in various battlefields.
  • The top three guilds who do the most damage to the monsters during this battle will move forward.
  • During the preliminary you can collect cube items to inhibit other guilds.
  • The cube item can be applied to the guild who is currently next to yours in rank.
  • Only characters who participate until the end of the preliminary can receive the related battle journal.
  • If only one guild applies to participate in the preliminary it will proceed to the next round directly.

Entry to the championship match area (from 7:25 PM to 7:30 PM)

  • For five minutes after preliminary, you may enter into the championship match.
    • If the preliminary was skipped, it's possible to enter earlier than 7:25.
  • The top three participating guilds from the previous battle will be able to move forward.
  • Additionally, the current Guardian Guild will be able to automatically move into this round.
  • Talk to the selection NPC in the center of the reconstructed Sen Mag Plains then you will be starting from a base camp based on your rank in the preliminary.
  • Five minutes after the end of the preliminary, the championship will begin, and you will no longer be able to enter into it.
  • If a regular guild that applied to be here does not enter the championship, their fees will not be refunded.
  • If the current Guardian Guild does not enter the championship match, their status as guardian will not be retained.

Championship selection match (from 7:30 PM to 7:50 PM)

  • Five minutes after the end of the preliminaries, the championship match will begin with a time limit of 20 minutes.
  • Each guild will be given a fixed color and the guild to dye the most flags in their own color within the time limit wins.
    • Guild's fixed colors: Current Guardian (blue), 1st place in preliminary (red), 2nd place (green), 3rd place (yellow)
    • The guild with the most flags captured at the end of the time limit wins the match.
  • The capture method differs based on the original color of the installed flag. Pets are unable to capture some flags.
  • If during the match you meet certain conditions, you can be selected as MVP regardless of whether or not you're a member of the winning guild.
  • Only those characters who participate until the final selection will receive the related battle journal.
  • The members of the winning guild will receive a guardian journal for that town.
    • People who join the winning guild after selection will not receive the journal.

General Preliminary/Championship info

  • You may not use any items you already have, you may only use items you acquire during the mission.
  • You may re-enter either mission up to three times.
  • If you enter with a pet or partner that's already summoned it will be unsummoned.
  • Pets can be resummoned but skills that are automatically used on summoning will not activate. Partners cannot be resummoned.
  • When you die in one of the mission areas, you will revive in after some time without losing any blessings.
    • There is no other method of revival possible.

Guardian Guild benefits

General benefits

  • You automatically skip to the championship round with a 20-man party during the next Guardian Guild Selection.
  • After winning the championship battle, you collect the Guild Funds from the application fees of the other guilds.
    • About 90% of the application fees are automatically deposited into the guild.
    • The deposit will happen after the championship round has ended and a notification mail will be sent to the guild leader.
  • You will receive the "Guardian" title instead of the "the Winner of the Guild Battle" title.
    • Characters who did not participate will receive the title after reconnecting.
  • Bank transaction fees will be reduced in the town you are guardian of and the limit for checks made there will increase.
  • You can buy exclusive items from the respective selection NPC.
    • You may only buy one of these items per day, and it resets at 7 AM.
    • You may not buy these during the Guardian Guild Selection. (from 7 PM to 9 PM)

Dunbarton benefits

  • When playing in Rabbie or Math, gold and item drop rates are increased.
  • Trade limit on shop licenses are increased. (This only applies to ones purchased from Dunbarton Bank).
  • The exp gained from using Life Skills in Dunbarton is increased by 1.2 times.

Tir Chonaill benefits

  • When playing in Alby or Ciar, experience gain is increased.
  • Repair cost is reduced. (This only applies to repairs from the NPCs of Tir Chonaill).
  • Ferghus is able to repair at 100%.
  • Experience gained for skills in your talent is increased by 1.2 times while using it in the Tir Chonaill area or Alby or Ciar dungeon.

New housing will be adding to homesteads

  • Pay 500k gold for a 30-day contract to be able to use your homestead's house as housing.
  • Within the seven days before the contract expires, you must pay 200k in order to extend the contract for another 30 days.
  • After the contract actually expires you must pay 500k to renew it.
  • You may install furniture into and change the walls/floor of the inside of your housing.
  • You may talk to your house brownie to issue house shop ad flyers.
  • Installable items specifically for your homestead house will be added.
  • Homestead housing guide quest will be added.
  • Premium Pack and Premium Plus Pack users will be able to obtain a contract or extension for free.
  • While a Premium Plus Pack user has a contract, they will be given an additional auction slot. (This slot does not overlap with any slot added from existing guild-owned housing??????)

Homestead visitor notice UI functionality will be improved

  • You can receive a notification of whenever a visitor enters or leaves your homestead.
  • You can view a realtime visitor list when you are in your farmhouse.

Fixes for existing homestead issues

  • An issue where characters that were using several skills were unable to be banished will be fixed.
  • An issue where installing several figures into a level 1 homestead prevented the use of the homestead will be fixed.


  • Combat strength calculation and the internal structure of items will be optimized.
  • An issue where items sold in personal shops could be selected as food for spirits will be fixed.
  • The issue of monsters being knocked back toward the player after attacking them with some skills will be fixed.
    • Heat Buster, Life Drain, Lightning Bolt, Fusion Bolt, Magnum Shot, Urgent Shot, Shadow Cloak
  • A problem of when Chain Slash talent skills' training exp is 100% that the use of that skill does not raise the training exp of Dorcha Mastery will be fixed.
    • Chain Impale, Chain Crush, Death Mark, Raging Thrust
  • An issue of being unable to use actions while holding a chain blade will be fixed. Something about detecting eyes??? Eye tracking??
  • The Drawstring Pouch will be obtainable from auction.
  • The Drawstring Pouch will be searchable in smart content.
  • Some parts of the Yggdrasil Staff will become dyeable.
  • Using the Mabinogi Premium Plus Pack, Mabinogi Premium Pack items will now display a message.

Test server

  • For a more pleasant gameplay experience, the server lag will be reduced.

Thank you.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 23 November 2017 at 17:33.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 23 November 2017 at 22:04.