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Forum - Strange Truncated Spawn Pattern

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I've been running some dungeons recently to try to figure out how the 7-Oct-2021 dungeon update has altered spawn patterns.

For Ciar Intermediate chest rooms, the spawn patterns seem to always involve 4 monsters. For example one pattern is Blue Snake x4 -> White Snake x4 -> Black Snake x4 This pattern existed before the update, and still exists after it.

And then 2 days ago, I got this pattern but with the first wave only being 3 blue snakes instead of 4. This was so unexpected that I put my character in a corner of the room away from the mobs so I could check I wasn't missing something; maybe two snakes spawned in exactly the same location and were exactly overlapped. Then I picked them off one at a time with fire bolt. Definitely only 3 snakes killed and the next wave spawned as normal with 4 white snakes. I've redone the dungeon half a dozen times and haven't seen this odd variant again.

There's two possible explanations here.

1. Maybe the developers did code a variant of this spawn pattern that does only have 3 blue snakes in the first wave, and they assigned it a very low probability of occurrence, just to mess with us. That seems really unlikely.

2. What seems more likely to me is that there is something in the code that very rarely causes a wave to not fully spawn. Maybe the code places tries to place the 4 mobs randomly, but very rarely that random assignment would put 2 mobs in exactly the same location, and either due to a deliberate check for this special case or due to an outright bug, this results in the 2nd mob not being created. Or maybe it happens when it tries to place 1 mob in exactly the same place as the player or the chest, or some other rare weird case I haven't thought of.

I'm going to assume case 2 applies and not list the odd spawn pattern I saw.

Has anyone else encountered a case like this? If it's something that does happen, albeit rarely, it's something we need to keep in mind when documenting spawn patterns. --~~~~

Posted by Librarian on 12 October 2021 at 17:31.